When Should a Child See A Therapist?

When Should a Child See A Therapist?

As a mother of two, I firmly believe that all children can benefit from therapy throughout the course of their childhoods. Children are faced with increasing transitions and new adversities in each chapter of their lives. A great child therapist becomes a supporting member of your child’s village, an extension to the family, who is there to navigate through the hard times and celebrate the victories alongside you.

It Takes a Village to Raise a Resilient Child

And though we are more connected by technology than ever before, we are also more isolated in many ways. Your child’s therapist is one more adult in their life who is committed to their emotional and mental health. Your child’s therapist is there to ensure that your child develops the coping skills necessary to manage modern-day stress and pressure in the healthiest way possible. Your child’s therapist is a resource to you as a parent. They can equip each parent with the strategies and tools necessary to support their child’s growth and development through daily life.

The rates of mental illness, self harm and suicide amongst children is higher than it has ever been and is only increasing with political unrest, global uncertainty, recurring pandemics, academic pressures and social judgements. Problems will arise. That is guaranteed. Proactive participation in therapy is likely to reduce the intensity, frequency and severity of these problems. When it comes to our children, why not be proactive about setting them up for success instead of waiting for the problem to cause detrimental effects? Early and proactive therapeutic support for children is the best route to go. 

The Right Child Therapist Has the Tools You Need

The right child therapist will have an integrative toolkit and can teach your family the most effective coping and communication skills, pulling from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT). You are the expert on your child and your family. A great therapist will be the expert on the tools you need to fully enjoy your beautiful family

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