Express Yourself!


Express Yourself!


Our Express Yourself! group provides art therapy for teens ages 13-18 in a non-judgmental and safe space to utilize the artistic process to increase their self-worth, build community, and process their unique experiences.

Living as a teenager can be difficult: managing school and friend stressors, navigating conflict with family, and healing from an ongoing global pandemic. Increased isolation, lack of connections with peers, and numerous transitions in schooling have made the past year more difficult than ever. Teens are in need of a safe, caring and open-minded space to explore their experiences with peers.  That’s why we created a group dedicated to art therapy for teens.

Expressive Art Therapy is a way to allow teens to communicate difficult thoughts, experiences and feelings through different artistic modalities. This approach supports teens in navigating their experiences around self-esteem, social skills, depression, anxiety, and interpersonal relationships, to name a few.

This group aims to support teens in expressing internal thoughts through an external creative form. This mode of expression, coupled with the therapeutic space, provide a narration of experiences in a non-threatening way. The focus is on the process of creation, not the finished product. All artistic levels are encouraged to join!

Art therapy for teens has significant benefits to support many mental health challenges and life stressors.

  • Self-discovery: acknowledging feelings that have been otherwise difficult to confront or recognize.

  • Self-esteem: feelings of self-accomplishment which positively impact confidence and self-image.

  • Emotional release: provides a healthy outlet for expressing and letting go of feelings and fears.

  • Stress relief: fighting anxiety, depression or emotional trauma can provide ongoing stress relief and decrease unhealthy coping skills.

How does it work?

Express Yourself! is a weekly 90-minute group therapy where we focus on what your teen needs in a small group setting. All of our teens attend weekly or bi-weekly individual therapy sessions to ensure that their individual goals are being worked toward each week. We require that you (the parent or guardian) and your teen attend an initial consultation session with one of our clinicians to get to know your teen and family, learn where support is needed and what your teen’s strengths are, develop clinical goals and expectations, and understand how we can best work to reach those goals in group therapy.

To see if Express Yourself! art therapy for teens is right for your child, schedule an intake session today.

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