Psychological Testing Center


Psychological  Testing Center


Welcome to the Blackhawk Family Psychological Testing Center!

Our psychological testing center strives to provide the most comprehensive and beneficial psychological assessments to allow individuals to reach their absolute full potential.

What is Psychological Testing?

Psychological testing is a process that involves the administration of different tests to explore different areas of functioning for adults and children alike. This provides an understanding that is more complex and detailed than can be achieved through therapy or observation.

Why It Matters!

Everyone learns information and interprets their world in different ways, influenced both by their biological makeup and their unique experiences. Testing allows us to accurately identify you or your child’s strengths and challenges in order to help reach you or your child’s full potential. The results of testing will provide a better explanation of how you or your child’s mind works.

The Blackhawk Family Difference

Welcome to the world of strength-based testing. Our goal is to create an individualized game plan to help you or your child navigate life based on innate gifts. Each assessment is customized to provide insight into specific areas of you or your child’s life and deliver recommendations with real world applicability and an emphasis on what to do next, including if ongoing therapy services are needed.

Wonder if your child falls on the autism spectrum? We can help you answer that question! Our ADOS testing will provide a diagnosis or rule out, and helping you figure out what’s next.

Is This Right for Me or My Child?

Psychological testing can be beneficial to both adults and children in many ways, including: recognizing areas of strength, identifying areas of needed growth, gaining diagnostic clarification, and, most importantly, learning how you or your child learns, understands, and makes sense of the environment.

Psychological evaluation can answer many different questions. Some common questions that parents frequently want answered by testing include:

  • How does my child learn, retain, and access information?

  • What are my child’s strengths and how can we build on these strengths?

  • What is my child’s learning style and how can this style be fostered to increase academic or work success?

  • Are there any indications of learning challenges or a learning disability?

  • How does my child view him/herself, others, and the world?

  • Are there any aspects of my child’s emotional/social functioning that are contributing to challenges?

  • What barriers may be getting in the way of my child’s cognitive/academic performance?


What Next?

If you are interested in psychological testing, we offer a free consultation to answer any questions and provide additional insight into how testing can benefit you or your child.

Please call us to set up a free consultation with a psychologist or inquire online.