Friendship Circle


Friendship Circle

Children between the ages of 7 and 10 experience unique developmental changes, and it can be challenging for them to cope with transitions between environments or experiences.

Friendship Circle is tailored to help our kiddos feel confident with change, adjust appropriately to change, build self-esteem, and improve social skills.

At this age, some children struggle to make and maintain positive, reciprocal friendships. Social circles are forming, and your child is likely more aware than ever of where they fit in — or where they don’t. In Friendship Circle, children are encouraged to dive head-first into the root of their social struggles. Using group discussions, interactive activities, storytelling opportunities, and other avenues for self-expression, your child will be able to target his or her specific struggle and work to turn them into strengths. 

Kiddos in Friendship Circle do more than just focus on personal growth. While improving their skill-set, they are also beginning to grasp an understanding of how their behaviors impact each other. Our kiddos are taught how to confidently navigate through conflict resolution, and guide each other along the way. The group setting allows children to increase distress tolerance and build upon their innate skills for coping with the daily struggles of their social situations. 

Friendship Circle is a weekly 90-minute group therapy where we focus on developing your child’s skills in a small, structured group setting. Additionally, all of our friends participate in weekly or bi-weekly individual therapy sessions to ensure that we are consistently working to achieve their goals. Before attending group, you will meet with a clinician on our team to help grasp a better understanding of your child, areas of support, their individual strengths, and set goals and expectations for therapy.


To see if Friendship Circle is the right program for your child, schedule a therapy intake session today.

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