Friendship Circle

Friendship Circle is tailored to meet the developmental changes that occur in the ages between 7-10 years. During those years, our kiddos are more aware of how they perform and where they "fit in" socially. Is your child struggling to make and maintain friendships? Does your child avoid socializing with peers? Is your child carrying around "big feelings" or fears that cause them to second-guess themselves? Our kiddos in group are able to dive head-first into the root of their social struggles. Through the use of group discussion, interactive activities, storytelling opportunities, and a variety of avenues for self-expression, our group members target the struggles they encounter everyday. Members take time to reflect upon impactful behaviors of their peers and guide each other in conflict resolution. The group platform serves to increase our kiddos resilience to distress and build upon their innate skills for coping with struggles of their daily social situations.