EMDR Therapy


EMDR   Therapy


EMDR Therapy makes it possible to both reprocess and reconsolidate difficult memories, leading to a reduction in emotional distress and lessened symptomatic thoughts and behaviors.

Many people struggle with unwanted thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations that stem from upsetting memories and events in their past. This often leads them to feel as if they can’t “move on” with their life. Instead, they find themselves repeating old behavioral and thought patterns, struggling with the same unhealthy internal dialogue, reliving difficult memories, suffering from low self-esteem, always feeling on-guard or anxious, and/or avoiding any person or situation that vaguely reminds them of past upsetting event(s) or memories.

It is common for people’s thoughts to change after they experience, or even remember, an upsetting event. Often, people’s view of themselves and others shift, and they may find themselves placing blame or responsibility of those events onto themselves, all of which can be incredibly distressing.

The reasons why our past can feel like it haunts us, hindering us from “moving on” and thriving, and why we experience these different, unwanted symptoms is because, according to leading trauma experts, particularly distressing and traumatic memories are processed and stored differently in the brain than non-traumatic memories are.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy can help you with unwanted thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations that stem from upsetting memories

EMDR goes beyond individual therapy to help you move on from negative internal dialogue, low self-esteem, constant anxiety, and avoidance of people or situations that vaguely remind you of difficult memories. These unhealthy behavioral patterns will become a part of your past, clearing the way for a future with fewer or no symptoms. You’ll be able to move on and experience the wholeness of life without the weight of a past holding you back.

EMDR therapy helps you reprocess upsetting events without remembering every moment

Unlike other therapeutic techniques, EMDR therapy does not require the client to remember, share, or relive every part of a distressing event or memory. Mere thoughts, physical sensations, and/or associated emotions are all that is needed to proceed with the work.

Research has shown that this technique is an effective modality for many, allowing a sense of calm, rest, and happiness with a decrease in post-traumatic symptoms and allowing a person to move on with life.

Curious to see if EMDR is right for you? Schedule consultation with an EMDR clinician.

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