Our Balance teen group therapy is a safe space to meet with peers to discuss the unique pressures that cause stress and insecurity in daily life.

These are some of the most challenging years in life, and even more so in today’s fast paced world. With so many obstacles to overcome, including the negative effects of social media, teens have more weighing on them than ever before. This is why we’ve created Balance teen group therapy.


How does it work?

Balance is a weekly 60-minute group therapy for teens ages 13-17 where we focus on what your teen needs in a small group setting. All of our teens attend weekly or bi-weekly individual therapy sessions to ensure that their individual goals are being worked toward each week. 

Balance focuses on identifying social and emotional challenges and learning how to cope with them using various methods including dialectic behavioral therapy (DBT). DBT is a cognitive-behavioral treatment used to help balance opposites. Instead of looking at the world with an either-or outlook, teens will learn how to see things as both-and. 

Balance members will delve into self-exploration, learn and practice coping skills, and begin to form positive connections with others in a structured and therapeutic environment. Together, they’ll learn and practice skills of mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. Balance is a safe space for teens to share what they’re going through and learn how others are handling similar situations — and how they can better prepare and react. 

We require that you, as the parent, and your teen attend an initial consultation session with one of our clinicians to get to know your teen and your family, learn where support is needed and what your teen’s strengths are, develop clinical goals and expectations, and understand how we can best work to reach those goals in group therapy.

To see if Balance teen group therapy is the right program for your child, schedule an intake session today.

You can inquire using the button below or call our office directly.


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