In Between


In Between


In Between, our pre-teen group therapy program, offers a safe and creative space for tween boys and girls, 5th-8th grade, to explore and discuss the unique stressors of their age group, so as to minimize their feeling of anxiety and boost self-confidence.

The tween years are often some of the most challenging for a young person. Tweens face the stress of getting good grades, navigating social pressures and social media, excelling at sports and extracurricular activities, dealing with changing bodies, and just trying to “fit in.” With this in mind, we created our In Between pre-teen group therapy program to support these young men and women on their journey to navigate their complex social and emotional challenges by identifying, strengthening, and expanding their coping mechanisms and inner strengths.

Pre-teen group therapy that increases tweens' sense of empowerment, stress tolerance, and overall self-esteem through group discussion, creative art activities, and various therapeutic methods including Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT).

DBT is a cognitive-behavioral therapy approach that helps find the “gray area” in life, even when stress tries to trick us into seeing everything as black or white. By learning that there’s room in our complex world for things to be a little bit of both, as opposed to strictly “one way or another”, we allow a healthier and more balanced approach to life’s struggles to take place. Our tweens are taught how to increase distress tolerance, regulate emotions, practice mindfulness, and learn healthier coping strategies.

How does it work?

In Between is a weekly group therapy session held on Tuesdays from 4-5pm. Each meeting focuses on a different theme, while always offering a structured, therapeutic environment for tween boys and girls to develop a healthy and confident sense of self, get creative with self-expression, and safely build strong connections with other group members.

To see if In Between is the right program for your child, schedule a therapy intake session today.

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