The Positive Parenting Workshop is a four week program designed for parents who want to develop a relationship with their child(ren) based on mutual respect and strong communication.

Parenting isn't easy, and many of us need some help in becoming the kind of parent we want to be. This program provides a practical foundation of knowledge and strategies that will equip you in handling any parenting situation that comes your way. Using social learning, cognitive behavioral skills and developmental theory, as well as proven research into risk factors, this program will provide you with tools to manage your family without ongoing support.

The Positive Parenting Workshop covers the following principles:

  • Safe and Engaging Environment

  • Positive Learning Environment

  • Assertive Discipline

  • Realistic Expectations

  • Parental Self-Care

Nationally, the Positive Parenting Program has been shown to reduce children's emotional problems, help them feel less stressed, less angry, and more confident! Of course, learning how to better take care of yourself as a parent has benefits for you, too.

We offer this four week workshop several times a year. Each 90-minute lesson builds off the last, so attendees are asked to commit to attending all four sessions. Currently, our program is designed for parents of children under ten years old.

If you're interested in joining us for the next round of positive parenting, sign up here.