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Registered Psychological Associate

Dr. Lacey Xepoleas is a Registered Psychological Associate under the direct supervision of Dr. Jonathan Page. Dr. Xepoleas has over 8 years of clinical experience ranging from substance use treatment, university college counseling, and community mental health practice with a variety of ages.

Identifying as a first-generation student and bi-racial clinician, Dr. Xepoleas strives to emphasize the unique and individual identities of each person she encounters. It is her belief that each person’s lived experience is unique and valuable. Her clinical interests focus on healing with trauma, identity development and the ways that individuals view themselves in the context of their lives, and the pursuit of a more authentic human experience. Dr. Xepoleas has experience working with intergenerational trauma, low self-esteem, self-criticism and perfectionism, attachment wounds, and many other challenges.

Dr. Xepoleas’ clinical approach draws from the core tenets of Humanistic Psychology. It is her belief that all individuals possess the abilities and inner resources to accomplish and achieve their goals. She considers herself to be an integrative practitioner and engages in various evidence-based approaches, pulling from theories such as CBT, an attachment-focused lens, and Internal Family Systems, all while leaning on her Humanistic under-pinning. 

It is Dr. Xepoleas’ hope that all of her clients recognize that they are first and foremost human, as is she, and are not expected to be anything other than they are. Gentleness, humor, and compassion are a part of her process of attunement with her clients. While she recognizes that the therapy relationship is not the only relationship in someone’s life, she values the depth of connection and places an emphasis on safety, security, and trust in the therapeutic space.

Dr. Xepoleas is a believer in the importance of genuine expression and utilizes creative interventions in order to help individuals begin the life-long process of acceptance, healing, and the pursuit of authenticity. Some of her greatest clinical strengths lie in her presence and ability to sit with a variety of different human emotions and presentations with a primary lens of non-judgmental awareness. 

Outside of the office, Lacey is an avid mountain biker, hiker, trail runner, and camper. When she isn’t talking about female empowerment on the bicycle, you can likely find her cooking up a meal to share with friends or lounging in the grass with her partner and precious pup, Lani.