Emotional Development Through Tactile Experiences



Our social skills and CBT group, Locomotion, uses concepts from Cognitive Behavioral Theory to help your children develop and strengthen their ability to understand and manage emotions. In a safe group environment, they will have experiences with their peers while we provide a smaller child-to-clinician ratio for individualized support and personalized care. 

How is CBT Group Therapy Great for Kids?

Group therapy is an effective treatment option for children who are struggling with emotional or behavioral issues. In group therapy, children are able to learn new coping skills, understand and manage their emotions, and build friendships with other children in a safe and supportive environment. CBT group therapy is an especially effective type of group therapy for children, as it helps them to learn new skills

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a type of empirically-proven therapy with many benefits and applications.
  • Helps us when we feel sad, angry, or scared
  • Helps us to understand our thoughts and how our thoughts make us feel different ways
  • Helps us to change our thoughts so that we feel better.
  • Helpful for treating a wide range of mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and eating disorders.

How Does It Work?

Locomotion is a weekly 60-minute child group therapy session with a small facilitator-to-participant ratio. During these group sessions, your children will work together with each other and with their therapist to identify negative thoughts and patterns of behavior. Your kiddo will then learn new, more positive ways of thinking. Our curriculum focuses on executive functioning and social skills while also creating opportunities for new friendships to be formed and fostered.
All of our kiddos attend weekly or bi-weekly individual therapy sessions to ensure that their individual goals are being worked toward each week. We require that you (the parent or guardian) and your kiddo attend an initial consultation session with one of our clinicians to get to know your kiddo and family, learn where support is needed and what your child’s strengths are, develop clinical goals and expectations, and understand how we can best work to reach those goals in group therapy.

To see if Locomotion CBT group therapy is the right program for your child, schedule an intake session today.

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