At Blackhawk Family Development Center we wholeheartedly believe in integrated services.

That’s why we provide you additional resources that we trust outside of our office to ensure you’re served in the best way possible.

Stephynie Malik, CEO & Founder of ChiqueSpeak

Stephynie Malik

Stephynie is a Transformational Life Coach and Executive & Entrepreneur Coach who has dedicated her life to helping others achieve the happiness and serenity they deserve. Empathetic connection is Stephynie’s way to truly understand what her clients are going through and how she can help them grow and develop a strong sense of where they can regain some control in their life.

Dr. Sarika Shah

The Nourished RD

Dr. Sarika Shah believes in ‘nourishing the whole YOU!’ and provides evidence-based nutrition counseling individualized for your medical needs, lifestyle and goals. She specializes in: Family Nutrition & General Wellness, Weight Management & Weight Loss, Mental Health & Nutrition, Disease Specific Management (diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, heart disease, etc), & Mindful Eating.