Dr. Surina Mazzola

Dr. Surina Mazzola

Dr. Mazzola is a licensed clinical psychologist with more than 15 years of experience working with people of all ages. She began in community services, foster care, and mental health before entering a medical system with more resources and programs. Her experience with children and families in both types of care made her realize that so many programs weren’t meeting the clients where they were. She created Blackhawk Family Development Center to meet the needs of families the way a larger company may be able to, while still making it based on the fibers of each and every individual that walks through the door.

Dr. Mazzola completed her undergraduate degree at DePaul University and earned her doctorate and masters from Illinois School of Professional Psychology. Her education, combined with her experience, is what has made her so wildly committed to implementing creative approaches and thinking outside-of-the-box to meet clients exactly where they are.

As the mom of two kiddos, wife to the love of her life, and leader of Blackhawk Family Development Center, Dr. Mazzola is a nurturing role model to every child and family that she interacts with. She is so passionate about the work she does and is committed to helping clients fill their potential gap. That’s why the foundation of this center is built upon the strengths and offerings of bigger companies, with the loving, nurturing, individualistic approach of community health.

In addition to taking a family systems approach, which promotes and integrates the emotional well-being of the family system, Dr. Mazzola also has intensive and specialized experience in working with executives whom are navigating high pressure and high demand personal and professional life circumstances. Throughout her years of collaborating with executive coaches and working within the professional multidisciplinary system, she has become acutely aware of all the compounding dynamics that can trigger or escalate emotional unrest. 

Dr. Mazzola truly believes that delving deep to find the source of the symptoms — lack of connection with the team, destructive behavior, deteriorating sense of purpose — can allow them to face the problem head on, allowing executives to overcome the roadblocks not only in business but also in their lives. Together, Dr. Mazzola and her clients work toward an optimized work/life integration so they can strengthen relationships both on a personal level and with their team, paving the way for growth and a more developed sense of purpose.

Dr. Mazzola is committed to growing as an individual. She practices foreign languages (she speaks some Spanish and is fluent in Gujarati and English), plays musical instruments (piano and guitar), and practices yoga. When she’s not stretching her mind and body, she’s spending time with her family and dogs — the unconditional love, warmth, and connection from her pups refuel her!