Our little ones may have little feet, but they tend to have very big feelings.

Little Feet is intended to address the emotional and behavioral challenges of 4–7 year olds through a highly structured, routine process. Big feelings can be hard for little ones to manage on their own, so they are often expressed through intense, and sometimes inappropriate behaviors.

Using a variety of interventions, we work as a team to identify, manage, and voice our kiddo’s big feelings and their behavioral manifestations. Offering alternative avenues of expression such as art, cooperative play, and interactive activities provides the chance for our littles ones to learn to identify their feelings and how to appropriately express them. Another primary focus of group is increasing distress tolerance and improving self-regulation by incorporating mindfulness activities into each weekly 90-minute session.

All of our friends in Little Feet participate in weekly or bi-weekly individual counseling sessions to ensure that we are consistently working to achieve their goals. Before attending group, you will meet with a clinician on our team to help grasp a better understanding of your child, areas of support, their individual strengths, and set goals and expectations for counseling.

Little Feet prepares your child by practicing tools and skills learned in individual sessions in a more triggering, contained, and structured social environment. Together, the children in the program learn tools that help them succeed in an environment that serves as a microcosm of their real-world experiences. 

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To see if Little Feet is the right program for your child, schedule a therapy intake session today.

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— Little Feet Facilitator —

Jill Shinn

Jill Shinn

Jill Shinn is a licensed marriage and family therapist with 13 years of experience, including private and group practice with individuals and couples, text-based therapy with young adults, elementary school counseling, and teaching, coaching, counseling groups of various ages, on various topics.