While parenting trends come and go, there is one fundamental idea that never changes: it truly does take a village. 

Instead of chasing the latest parenting fads or building a new program every year based on the most recent validated research, we’ve built an after-school therapeutic program that is unpretentious and completely authentic.

We take it back to the village mentality and give each child the two things they need the most: 

  • Nurturing and unconditional positive support

  • An environment where they can thrive

For the better part of 7 hours, 5 days a week, we ask our children to sit still, pay attention, mind their manners, and exhibit self-control. As adults, it’s easy to forget that can be a challenge for most kids! 

That’s why we created HomeRoom. Instead of asking children to spend another three hours a day trying to keep it all together, we offer an alternative: a safe place to play, explore, problem-solve, and get some much needed serotonin bursts with outdoor activities like soccer, swimming, ice-skating, and tennis. Once they’ve spent some of that built-up energy, we all settle down to rest, read, and finish homework. 

Every member of the HomeRoom team works to promote collaboration and consistency by interfacing with your child’s current system. They become a part of your child’s tribe. Alongside the teachers, tutors, therapists, coaches, pediatricians, child psychiatrists, and everyone else who plays a role in your child’s life, we work in unison to support one goal: setting your child up for success. 

But, of course, we have a whole lot of fun in the process! Our HomeRoom kids look forward to coming every day, because they know they can be themselves. HomeRoom is a place to return to — a stable and reliable constant in what can feel like a world full of chaos. 

And aren’t we all looking for that? For a place where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came? 

Your kiddo can find that right here. 

Like any HomeRoom, we do have to limit the number of children we can work with at a time.

— HomeRoom Facilitators —


Radha Champaneria


Radha Champaneria


Brie Berry

Brie Berry


Daisy, Therapy Pup