Our After-School Therapeutic Program

Our Philosophy: It takes a village.

Despite the vacillations in parenting trends throughout the years, one fundamental remains consistent: it truly does take a village. Praise/punishment, reward/consequence, lean in/step back, intrinsic motivation/bribery from desperation... Rather than building a program based off of the latest empirically validated research (though we do love it) or modern day parenting fads (and there are many), we make our approach unpretentious and authentic. We take it back to the village mentality and give each child the two things they need the most from us: 1. Nurturance (see unconditional positive regard!) and 2. An environment in which they can thrive (see set up for success!). 

Every member of our after-school therapeutic program interfaces with the child's system promoting collaboration and consistency which translates to the creation of the tribe. The parents, the teachers, the tutors, the therapists, the coaches (and in some cases the pediatrician and child psychiatrists) all play a role in supporting our kiddos. Collectively, we build a game plan based on the child's strengths in order to maximize their "set up for success."

For the better part of 7 hours, 5 days a week - we ask our children to sit still, pay attention, mind their manners, and exhibit self-control. As adults, we forget that for most kids, it's a tall order! We cannot fathom asking them to attend an after-school program where they again do the same for another three hours! Rather, we want them to play, explore, problem-solve, and get that activity induced serotonin burst that their developing brains and bodies so desperately need! After soccer, swimming, ice-skating, tennis, sky-diving (just kidding!), we invite our kiddos back to HomeRoom to rest and read, complete their homework with good friends and patient teachers. Isn't that what HomeRoom is afterall? A home base, a place to return to?

(In the famous words of Gary Portnoy) Where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came! 


Dr. Mazzola and the HomeRoom Crew

Meet our HomeRoom Crew! 

      Radha CHampaneria            Brieana Berry           Daisy (Homeroom Pup)

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