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Nutrition Counseling

You will receive evidence-based nutrition counseling individualized for your medical needs, lifestyle, and goals!

  • Family nutrition

  • Weight management and weight loss

  • Mental health and nutrition

  • Disease-specific management

  • Mindful eating

corporate Wellness

Give your employees the tools to nourish themselves! Nourished employees are beneficial to the workplace. They are healthier and happier!

  • Group presentations on topics specific to your employees
    • Nutrition for total wellness
    • Nutrition on-the-go
    • Nutrition at work
  • Mini-Nourished Sessions
    • One-on-one discussion
    • Motivation and inspiration

Pantry Makeover

What's in your pantry? I will join you in-home to discuss:

  • Reading food labels
  • Identifying foods to keep stocked
  • Cleaning out old habits and making room for the new

Grocery Store Tour

Choose your favorite grocery store! We'll go on a tour together and I will provide your guide for:

  • Healthy fruit, vegetables, dairy, meats, proteins, and carbohydrate choices
  • Healthy snacks
  • Frozen food options
  • Personalized grocery list