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Our Connect group is a therapeutic space for kids, 12-14 year olds, to explore and discuss the unique stressors of their age group, growing confidence and building long-lasting relationships.

We are living in unprecedented times that have required sacrifice and flexibility from everyone in our society. To our children, their world has been turned upside down. Compounded with the typical developmental stressors of transition, changing bodies, and higher expectations in academics and sports, many are now grieving the loss of their “normal” routines and social interactions. California’s Shelter in Place Order has left adolescents feeling more disconnected than ever before.

Connect offers a safe, therapeutic environment for tweens and teens (ages 12-14) to develop coping strategies, strengthen self-esteem and social skills, and, ultimately, connect with others in a seemingly disconnected world. With the combination of therapeutic guidance from our facilitator, as well as the support of other group members, Connect participants will utilize the space to navigate the complexities that come during this time of growth and transition. The group will foster meaningful (and fun) interactions with peers, creating a natural opportunity to practice skills such as active listening, conflict resolution, compromising, and assertive communication.

This group utilizes structured activities such as game-play, therapeutic art activities, guided group discussions, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques to support participants in their management of current stressors, and equip them for the challenges that they will inevitably face in the next year.

Connect is a 90-minute weekly group session where we focus on developing skills in a small, structured group setting. Additionally, all of our young people participate in weekly or bi-weekly individual counseling sessions to ensure that we are consistently working to achieve their goals. Before attending group, you will meet with a clinician on our team to help us grasp a better understanding of your child, areas of support, their individual strengths, and set goals and expectations for counseling. 


To see if Connect is the right program for your child, schedule a therapy intake session today. 

You can inquire using the button below or contact our office directly at 925-984-2326.

— Connect Facilitator —




Amanda Macor

Amanda is an associate marriage and family therapist working under direct supervision of Dr. Surina Mazzola with over 4 years of experience in a variety of therapeutic settings, including providing services for children on the autism spectrum and within the K-12 school systems.