Exploring educational concepts with Dr. Mazzola’s helping hand.

Dr. Surina Mazzola has curated six modules that combine to create Bloom.

Are you ready to see your kiddos in a brand new light?


Bloom is a way of learning and exploring the relationship between a child with ADHD and the parent(s). Dr. Surina Mazzola shares her personal and clinical experiences to show you that consistency, commitment, and patience will pay off in your child’s ability to find their place in this world.

What is Bloom?


The program includes interactive activities and educational concepts that encourage personal growth between you and your child. The variety of activities will help you and your child explore their strengths and traits and how they can utilize what they learn in their relationships around them.

What does the program entail?


This is right for you if you have a child that is hard to control, hyper, argumentative, stubborn, challenging, and unfocused.

Is this right for me and my family?


This program is the basis of all the work that we do. We want to see your child grow through their emotional and cognitive changes. We see your kiddos as passionate, strong, curious, adventurous, and precocious beings. These traits are gifts that teach us to be patient, loving, and caring through the process.

The Blackhawk Difference



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What next?

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the course, give us a call at 925-984-2326.

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