At Blackhawk Family Development Center we believe that children can benefit from a comprehensive and collaborative assessment.

We offer three types of assessments: Cognitive, Behavioral, and Comprehensive.

Cognitive Assessment

The cognitive assessment identifies how your child’s mind works. We discover what learning styles and strategies help them retain information and understand concepts. This allows us to understand how much support your child needs in the academic arena. The assessment can establish a diagnosis or learning disorder, or may also determine giftedness. The earlier we can identify a child’s strengths, the sooner we can help maximize their potential. 


Behavioral Assessment

The behavioral assessment gives us information about a child’s social and emotional functioning so that we can better understand how the child views themselves and why they react to and behave in situations the way they do. Often, low self-esteem can be masked by disruptive or defiant behaviors. Through behavioral assessment, we determine how your child copes with and processes emotions and strategize to help them develop tools that are most appropriate and beneficial.


Comprehensive Assessment

The comprehensive assessment includes cognitive assessment, behavioral assessment, and overall testing to determine personality style. Uncovering your child's personality style can help you understand your child more deeply and may help you be a better parent. It can also help your child’s teacher in understanding what best helps them succeed academically. Some children are more introverted, preferring quiet activities and regular routines. Others are more extroverted, thriving in loud situations and with constant change. Understanding what your child needs and how to respond is key to better communication and positive relationships for everyone.

Blackhawk Family Development Center Assessments

When your child’s assessment is complete…

you will have a detailed written report which documents your child’s overall functioning with emphasis on their natural strengths. The results of the assessment will also be presented to your child in a way that is easily understandable and helpful to them.