Young adulthood is a critical stage of life that brings an array of emotions from excitement to feelings of overwhelm and stress. Our Adulting group for ages 18-24 is developed to provide a foundation for support during life’s transitions.

In addition to the external stressors of moving to college, finding a job, and other “adulting” activities such as filing taxes and paying bills, these individuals are also experiencing rapid internal changes. From ages 18 to 24, the human brain is additionally experiencing rapid physiological, cognitive, and emotional changes. Some are easily able to embrace these stressors and thrive in the ever-changing environment, but more often than not, many find themselves overwhelmed and isolated. Without adequate support, coping skills, and self-care routines, these stressors can often lead to or exacerbate symptoms of depression, anxiety, or other mental health concerns. With the right supports in place, these individuals have the opportunity to become resilient and develop critical life skills that will aid them in becoming well-rounded and successful within their community. 

Adulting provides young people with an accessible and predictable community during an unpredictable phase of life. With the integration of evidence-based methodologies such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), members will be provided with a space to better understand their internal experiences, build on self-care and coping skills, and strengthen their sense of community. 

Group is a weekly 90-minute virtual group session where we focus on individual needs in a small group setting. All of our participants attend weekly or bi-weekly individual counseling sessions to ensure that their individual goals are being worked toward each week. We require an initial consultation session with one of our clinicians to get to know you, learn where support is needed and what your strengths are, develop clinical goals and expectations, and understand how we can best work to reach those goals in group sessions.

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